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GT Career Insights: Meet Mariam Amirkhanyan, Senior Sales Manager at Gamingtec

To celebrate Women's Day and kick off our new series of GT Career Insights, we are spotlighting Mariam Amirkhanyan
GT Career Insights: Meet Mariam Amirkhanyan, Senior Sales Manager at Gamingtec

In the dynamic world of iGaming, women are increasingly making their mark in high-ranking positions.

GT Career Insights aims to inspire those who want to learn or start in the iGaming industry, and Mariam is a talented woman who brings a unique perspective to our company. Without further ado, let's explore her career steps.

1. Tell us about your journey and what led you to this career path.

I have watched sports events since I was a kid, and one day, I decided to bet on a Football World Cup match to see what that betting is. My prediction was correct, and I won.

I went deeper and investigated what else was on that website. I found Virtual Sports games and fell in love with them. I played almost every day for one week, and then I stopped. Everything was clear to me from the player's perspective. Still, I did not understand the logic behind it, so I decided to find out what was inside and how it worked.

When I finished my Master's Degree in Anti-Crisis Management, and it was time to start my post-student life, a friend introduced me to the CEO of one of the platform providers for the interview. To shorten the story: I was hired as a Sales Manager. This way, my journey in the iGaming world started.

I enjoyed the learning process because everything was new to me. In addition to the onboarding, I had my plan: I asked the heads of different departments to allow me to spend a couple of hours per day with them to see what they do, how they communicate between themselves and with other departments, what issues they encounter during the day and how those were being solved.

Five years have passed since then. Life brought me to Gamingtec, and I've been on a long journey with my company. Currently, I work remotely, which is a great opportunity given by Gamingtec.

2. Throughout your career in Sales Management, what key principles have guided your approach to building long-term client relationships?

My job is built on communication, and with time, I have understood that nothing can be solved without constructive conversation. Listening is the key.

Keeping the negotiations organised and focused on the topic the potential client is interested in and needs is essential. Don't try to give him much information from the very beginning. You need to go step by step, touching the things that matter. People are busy with hundreds of tasks, and no one wants to hear long stories. I always ask short questions on exact topics and put the puzzle together.

3. What leadership qualities are essential for nurturing a High-Performing Sales Team?

For me, the essential ability is to gather the "right" team. This is challenging. You should have an exact understanding of who you are looking for and a sharp eye to make sure you know that person among tens of interviewees. After you have the "dream team," another big task comes. You should be able to "use" the potential of each member in the field where it works best. When you have the right people, you can move mountains.

From the team perspective, it is crucial that the members have a similar approach (it does not mean similar opinions) to the processes and values. Let's imagine that the team is a train. All the wagons go behind the locomotive in the same direction. The locomotive is the company's vision, and the wagons are the departments. To have this system working correctly, selecting people makes a difference. Gathering and managing the right team is the most essential quality for the leader.

4. About Gamingtec, in your opinion, what makes it stand out?

Gamingtec is a product-focused company with the understanding that the product is made by the right people in place. We build a team and relationships with the partners around the product because when your approach is quality and not quantity, the people with the same conviction gather around you. The product is what can speak for itself.

For me, Gamingtec is the company you can go with as far as your imagination allows.

5. What advice would you offer aspiring sales professionals in the iGaming industry?

First, I would advise them to love the iGaming world before deciding to go further. Otherwise, even working a lot might not bring them where they want to be.

Another piece of advice is quite logical: Learn from colleagues, from management, from potential clients, from failed cases and won cases. Develop the ability to evaluate situations and be flexible in solutions without thinking about the right and the wrong. If the solution solves the problem, then it is the right solution.

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