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Andrei Beu’s interview during SBC Barcelona 2023 reveals ORIGEN and plans for LatAm

Sector del Juego sat down with Gamingtec’s commercial director Andrei Beu during the conference to talk about the platform and LatAm (original interview in Spanish).
Andrei Beu’s interview during SBC Barcelona 2023 reveals ORIGEN and plans for LatAm

What are the main qualities and advantages of Gamingtec's software?

Among the qualities and advantages of our software, we can highlight its localization for the LatAm market. We have created a product that is 100% ready to be profitable from its launch. Typically, in the development and configuration process, additional time is required for negotiations with game providers, payment methods, and other factors. However, with Origen, the product is fully prepared to be profitable and offers end customers all the facilities to enjoy the thousands of sporting events or casino games that the platform provides.

What is Gamingtec's position in LatAm countries? In which markets are they already present, and where do they focus their future efforts?

In 2023, we began our market launch strategy in LatAm. We already had clients who were considering expanding to LatAm, but none had taken the step to launch their operations there. However, we recognized the importance of being proactive upon entering this market. As I mentioned, we initiated our events and marketing strategy in the region, with very positive results in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. In 2023, we signed four new clients who will be live in early Q4.

Origen is a product tailored specifically for LatAm, but from Gamingtec's commercial perspective, we believe that Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Ecuador will yield good results in 2024. During this year, we aim to establish the Gamingtec brand and showcase the true potential of our platform and, most importantly, the talented team behind it.

What sets Gamingtec apart from other competitors in their business segment?

Undoubtedly, our differentiating factor is the human team that supports the client from the moment they show interest in the product until they work day-to-day with their new online casino. This is related to our business model, as we are not looking to sign millions of contracts but contracts that can generate millions for our clients. This has been the foundation of Gamingtec's success and growth for 15 years, and it is a value that everyone who joins the company shares.

You are nominated for the SBC Awards in the "Platform Provider of the Year" category. What has been the process leading to this level of recognition?

We have created a product that is not static and adapts to the daily changes in regulations and new technologies. We work every day to implement all the improvements our clients need to stay competitive and that we also need to continue growing in such a competitive market as platform providers. This, along with the localization of our product for Latam, has undoubtedly been the two keys to Gamingtec's success in 2023 and will be the foundation for our continued growth in 2024.

You participate in different events. The latest one was SBC Summit Barcelona. What is your assessment of your exhibition?

Events are a very important aspect of our commercial strategy because they represent the culmination of the marketing campaigns we carry out throughout the year and serve as the gateway to new markets.

Our evaluation is positive because we not only seek new clients but also innovative solutions and new partners that allow us to improve our platform and offer the iGaming world a product that is increasingly competitive.

One of the top priorities for any online casino is retaining and engaging customers. Is this possible with Gamingtec's solutions?

Our solution offers a powerful CRM tool that allows businesses to monitor their operations in real-time. This way, they can identify which products perform best, which customers can receive VIP treatment, and what needs to be adjusted or placed under closer scrutiny by the customer support team.

We also have a robust affiliate platform, which helps attract new players and contributes to the exponential growth of brands that trust Gamingtec as their technology provider.

Brazil is close to regulating gambling. What are your objectives for this market?

In Brazil, we've started on the right foot, and this year we have signed three new clients. We are working with them and addressing critical aspects that will determine our competitiveness in the region and the establishment of our brand. Without a doubt, we will participate in the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo events in 2024.

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