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Gamingtec is growing its presence in Peru and Brazil this year

Andrei, commercial director, reveals before Latam Media Group Gamingtec’s plans for the remainder of 2023 and talks about our increasing presence in the LatAm market this year.
Gamingtec is growing its presence in Peru and Brazil this year

LMG: What does Gamingtec have in the pipeline for the rest of 2023?

Andrei: That's a really great question. We're two-thirds of the way through Q2, and we've already had a pretty strong showing this quarter, both in terms of products and new partnerships.

Given that, it probably won't surprise many people to hear that our 2023 business plan here at Gamingtec was and is growing. Both in terms of our product offerings - so functionality and services, as well as gaming portfolio - to really stand out from the other platform providers in the market, and in terms of our reach. Getting Gamingtec out there, visible, getting us visibility at expos and conferences as part of a concerted strategy. Different events, different parts of the world... We've made sure to have a presence at the biggest, most prestigious in Europe, and we've made Latin America a real focus, too - and not by accident. So Latin America, including Brazil, it's a real 'new market of interest', and we've identified it as strategically important that Gamingtec grows its presence in this region.

And personally, it's really exciting to be working to break through into a new region, a whole new market in another part of the world because I believe the products we are developing will help ensure new clients' operations are good to go from the get-go - no strings attached, no ifs, ands or buts.

LMG: Gamingtec identifies Latin America as strategically important; what's next for Gamingtec in Latin America?

Andrei: So the next big expo gathering sees us head to Peru, to the excellent Peru Gaming Show 2023, in Lima. That's mid-June, 14-15th. We're pleased to be able to attend, and excited about having a stand there because we really do have Latin America in our sights, and it's one of the largest in the region. Any opportunity to spread the message about Gamingtec, raise brand awareness and profile there, and meet some great new people, prospective clients and likeminded industry professionals, is always a pleasure - so we are really looking forward to it. That's in Lima's Jockey Exhibition Center, 14th and 15th June.

It also feels great to be heading to another country within the region, to another great trade fair - we were in Colombia in Q1 for GAT Expo. It's a really important opportunity for us to try to get a feel for the country and the concerns/priorities of the industry there. Localization is at the heart of what we do, whether it's ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation or identifying what the gaming patterns or preferences are to make sure we're helping operators be as effective as they can. Add to that our ability to create custom and customizable systems for our clients, and the level of agility and personalization we offer is really something to be proud of.

Just because we talk about Latin America as a single region, we're aware that it's not a monolith. Latin America is not a single homogeneous entity, and our understanding is key to making a big impact. Our Origen platform reflects that, and we're really proud that we have a product that really has localization at its core. We're excited to be offering it to the Peruvian market, and bringing it to Peru Gaming Show delegates.

LMG: What is the Origen platform?

Andrei: Another great question. Origen is the name in Latin American markets for our new platform, also known as Origin, a brand new product for 2023. Going back to what I said about how Gamingtec centres localization, Origen is really the flagship product for that, a product which really homes in on what makes the relevant target market unique. We identify the country's most popular payment methods, alongside the games that are absolutely vital for potential client operators to offer. All legal compliance is of course addressed and adhered to from the outset so Origen clients hit the ground running: they basically can enter the marketplace backed by a product that means their principal business operations are pretty much taken care of, so they can just start. Taken all together, our approach with Origen is to look at and target countries on an individual, individualised basis. It's not about "one size fits all" or shoehorning clients into products that don't fit their needs because it's the easier but unimaginative thing to do. Origen is a product that's targeted, specific and reliably hassle-free - so once everything is in place, business operations go immediately on launch. We're really excited to bring to the Peruvian market something that so wholly reflects the location and conditions clients are working in. That's why we can't wait for PGS 2023 - we think industry professionals will agree with us that Origen represents a real game-changer.

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