8 Tips to Launch a Successful iGaming Ad Campaign by Gamingtec Interviews

May 13, 2020

8 Tips to Launch a Successful iGaming Ad Campaign by Gamingtec

Olga Stoyan, Chief Marketing Officer at Gamingtec, has attended a webinar by Richpush and shared eight tips on how to launch a successful iGaming advertisement campaign. This information can be useful for affiliates when it comes to choosing a right offer for promotion. All the key points noted below are already integrated to Gamingtec platform, and as a result, the product we create for our partners is always interesting to affiliates.

Among the most important points of preparing to launch an ad campaign, Olga stresses on the quality of a user funnel (registrations and first deposit forms), payment systems integrated to the project, an amount of a minimal deposit (the lower deposit, the easier it is to convert the offer), as well as welcome and special bonuses for the players.

Olga Stoyan

Olga Stoyan

Chief Marketing Officer

For example, if a user has difficulties with the registration (for example, they must provide a lot of personal data or a verification process is too complicated), there is a big chance they will leave the site without finishing the registration.

Olga adds that the amount of welcome bonuses became extremely important if you want to operate in a local market because before starting to play, potential players first compare welcome bonuses in different casinos and then tend to choose the most attractive ones. Further, special bonuses provided by the project to the affiliate that brings significant traffic with high payback, become his/her competitive advantage.

Talking about creative ideas for ad campaigns, Olga underlines that the offer should meet expectations of the players, be personalized and focused on the welcome bonus and wide range of the payment systems, reliability, and quickness of the withdrawals.

Spread your personalized offer via push-notifications, communities, social media, and personal contacts via influencers, — she recommends.

Olga also warns against using fraud and motivated traffic, bots and all kinds of fraud scams:

All partner programs have anti-fraud systems that can detect “typical” and “atypical” user behavior. Providing low-quality traffic, you will ruin relationship with the project and Partner nets. Remember, no one likes to be cheated. If this happens, Partner systems punish the intruder. So better build a long-term relationship to receive loyalty and build a win-win partnership.

Instead, those, who have unique technologies or opportunities or who have found a new conversational chain, should rather offer the project for testing. If the project invests in testing, be ready to give the priority to the project when you raise the output (for example, exclusive conditions, a higher amount of traffic, lower rates, and so on). Everyone is interested in high-quality traffic, even in a period of crisis. I wish you all high conversions, stable amounts of traffic, and high ROIs!

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