Nov 17, 2020

Stem is Fem held a webinar for teenagers about cybersecurity

Nowadays, there are a lot of cybersecurity threats that seek to damage or steal personal data or disrupt digital life in general. Cyberbullying, sexting, blackmailing is among them. In a partnership with UN Women Ukraine, Cyber School, and CyberPeople, Stem is Fem project held a two-day online webinar aimed at promoting online security rules and ways to cope with possible consequences.

Stem is Fem project founded by Gamingtec is an educational initiative that motivates girls to choose STEM professions. The attendees of the webinar got to know professions in the field of cybersecurity. According to the statistics provided by Olga Nasibullina, COO at CyberSchool, at present, there is a shortage of 3 000 000 specialists in the world. A process of global digitalization leads to higher numbers of cybersecurity threats, and the cybersecurity sector will be growing during the following ten years. The number of women occupied in this sector should grow consequently.

Cybersecurity is one more field that requires gender balance. Only 24% of professionals working in it around the world are women. In Europe, this rate is not higher than 7%. At the same time, there are a lot of social campaigns aimed to involve more women to work in it and to hold leading positions.

Sapar Karyagdyyev

Sapar Karyagdyyev

CEO of Gamingtec

This webinar is the next step in the popularization of STEM among Ukrainian youth. We have been holding educational modules during the whole year already and helped dozens of girls to discover 3D Modelling and Printing, Robotics, IT, Bioengineering, and other fast-growing and promising fields. By providing educational opportunities to teenagers, we can make a difference in their future careers. This is our input in developing gender balance in Ukraine.

The next Stem is Fem module will be dedicated to Agro-Industry and it will be held online in December. Applications are open now. Participants will attend two-day online event that includes meetings with successful women from the industry, question and answer sessions, and creative competition.

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