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GT Career Insights: A round with Patrick, B2B Project Manager at Gamingtec

Have you ever considered starting a career in B2B? Learn more about it from our Project Manager's insights.
GT Career Insights: A round with Patrick, B2B Project Manager at Gamingtec

Patrick is a driven and skilled B2B Project Manager who brings a distinctive viewpoint to our company and captures what GT Career Insights is all about, inspiring those looking to break into this industry.

So, let's dive into his career journey.

1. Could you tell us more about your journey and what inspired you to pursue a career in B2B Project Manager?

I had an unconventional path into the iGaming industry. For a decade, I pursued a career as a professional poker player while residing in Malta, a major hub for iGaming companies.

When I decided to transition away from poker, I initially entered the industry through Customer Support on the B2C side in Malta. However, I quickly transitioned to the B2B sector, starting as an Account Manager working with live brands.

Currently, I am engaged in Project Management with Gamingtec, where I oversee the onboarding process for our new partners. Gamingtec is a remote-first company, which allows for a fantastic work-life balance, and I currently reside in Cyprus.

What drew me to the B2B field is my satisfaction in building strong business relationships, understanding our customers' needs, and efficiently managing projects to ensure successful launches for our new partners.

2. In the dynamic iGaming market, how do you stay innovative and adaptable in your approach?

My approach involves continuous learning and keeping up with the latest industry trends. I make it a priority to read a variety of iGaming news websites, which keeps me informed about the latest developments, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies in the sector.

3- Can you tell us about your onboarding experience in Gamingtec?

My onboarding at Gamingtec was surprisingly smooth. From day one, I felt everyone was super helpful, making the whole process really easy. Since we're a remote-first company, my colleagues come from all over the world, which adds a cool mix of diversity to the team.

4. What strategies and collaborative approaches have you found most effective in fostering strong partnerships with B2B Clients?

To build strong partnerships with B2B clients, I focus on clear communication, understanding their specific needs, and conducting regular meetings. These consistent interactions help us form solid, enduring relationships with our partners.

5. We have clients based in many countries – what challenges does that bring?

When dealing with clients from different countries, we mainly face language barriers and time zone challenges. To handle this, we have a multilingual team to ensure clear communication across languages.

We're also flexible in scheduling meetings, adapting to various time zones to suit our clients' needs. This approach helps us maintain strong, professional relationships with our international partners.

6. What advice would you offer those wanting to enter the iGaming Industry?

For those keen on entering the iGaming industry, starting in a B2C role is a great way to gain valuable insights. It helps you understand what players look for in a product and how to enhance their entertainment experience.

This knowledge is crucial, as iGaming is ultimately about player satisfaction. Later, if you transition to the B2B side, you'll have a solid understanding of player preferences, which is invaluable in shaping your platform to meet market needs.

7. In your opinion, why should a client go for Gamingtec White Label or a Turnkey solution to set up his iGaming business?

Choosing Gamingtec for your iGaming business setup, whether through our White Label or Turnkey solutions, offers a comprehensive package tailored to your needs. At our core, we're a customer-centric company; we view our clients as partners, a perspective that shapes every interaction and solution we provide. Our approach ensures quick market speed, which is crucial in the fast-paced iGaming industry.

We offer a full platform solution with a wide range of services, including global payment options, affiliate management, sportsbook, casino, and multiple licensing options. This means you get a fully integrated solution that addresses all aspects of running an iGaming business efficiently and effectively.

8. Our latest venture in the Brazilian market, "Aurusbet," has been officially launched. Could you tell me a little bit about this project?

Aurusbet marks a significant milestone for Gamingtec, representing one of our initial ventures into the Brazilian market, an area we are strategically focused on.

We are excited about this endeavour, especially considering our upcoming participation in events like SBC Rio in March and SiGMA Americas in April. Aurusbet is powered by our comprehensive GT solution, and we will soon be adding poker to that solution, which we believe will greatly enhance our offering and resonate well with the Brazilian audience."

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