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We welcome Dan Grigorescu on board

Experienced and motivated, Dan Grigorescu becomes the new Business Development Manager of Gamingtec’s B2B team.
We welcome Dan Grigorescu on board

The team is excited to bring Dan Grigorescu to the fold, who will be taking the challenging role of Business Development Manager. Dan is an experienced character, not unfamiliar with the iGaming field, and with his help we hope to do an even better job at showcasing why Gamingtec is the go-to iGaming solutions provider.

We asked Dan a few questions about himself and his work.

Team: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Dan: My name is Dan Grigorescu, I am a native Romanian and lover of all things Romanian. I am a big animal lover and my favourite hobbies are gaming and riding my motorcycle.

Team: What did you do before joining Gamintec?

Dan: I recently left Deepci where I was the Head of Sales as I was enticed by the wonderful people of Gamingtec.

Team: What personally drives you?

Dan: I really like interacting with people and I like helping people find the best product that best suits their needs. I got into sales as I was a very bashful person and what better way to get rid of that than throwing yourself in the deep end and going into sales. My main goal is to help the company grow as much as possible by bringing in as many clients.

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