Sep 12, 2019

Gamingtec visited International HR/Recruiting Summit: 3 key insights for IT companies

HR Manager Tatiana Chernysh visited International HR/Recruiting Summit LifeStyle 5.0. Foreign and Ukrainian HR managers and recruiters gathered in Odessa to discuss trends and innovations in staff recruitment and learn best ways to build a strong HR brand.

Tatiana Chernysh

Tatiana Chernysh

HR Manager of Gamingtec

The conference was well-organized. It was dedicated to important questions – how to deal with burnout, resolve conflicts within a team, assess applicants` competences. It was great to learn new ways of solving everyday challenges. I was also happy to meet colleagues from other companies, and therefore to broaden my network.

Tatiana shared three key insights important to the IT industry.


Building a strong HR brand in the company is an important task for an HR manager. To achieve this goal, the manager should find out what motivates an employee and how to meet their needs in daily working routine.

There are different incentives: high salary, career development, finding satisfaction working with team-minded people, comfortable environment, etc.

Money cannot guarantee your employees to stay in the project. If the high level of salaries is the only competitive advantage of the company, you risk to end up working with people who don’t care about the company. There is always someone who will pay more. If you value the staff, you grow up your team.


The HR Manager should be a psychologist, a diplomat, a salesman, and a detective at the same time. He/she needs to listen and hear, to understand if an applicant matches an open position. The HR Manager needs to have negotiating skills, to know how to prepare job vacancies and offers that meet both interests of the company and expectations of the applicant.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to look through hundreds of CVs, search for qualified specialists, answer tons of emails and applications. To deal with all this, I keep in mind responsibility towards all HR specialists. Each of us forms an image of the IT industry in general, so I do my best to comply with the highest requirements for business communication.


Staying up to date to HR trends is the only way to be successful in recruiting. For instance, sometimes, employees do not want to make public their wish to change jobs (according to corporate ethics or policy). In this case, HR Managers can use different plugins that compile information about registered users on job websites.

Despite the result of the appointment, the HR Manager should make a good impression on every candidate to the job position. The task is to create a positive image of the company so the applicant will come back once there is an open position in the company that matches his interests.

I decided to visit this conference to know more about communication with well-educated applicants that have lots of useful skills yet that don’t pass our interview.

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