Biotechnology module of Stem is Fem project took place in Kyiv Community

Oct 23, 2019

Biotechnology module of Stem is Fem project took place in Kyiv

On October 19–20, we finally had the chance to personally greet girls that took part in the very first module of the STEM is FEM project in Kyiv. This educational project was launched by Gamingtec, and its first module offered schoolgirls from all over Ukraine the opportunity to learn more about Biotechnology.

This month, more than 100 schoolgirls took part in a competition, and 25 of them were invited to Kyiv to spend two full days completely immersed in the bioengineering program. The module started with the welcoming speeches of women who have been working in the biotech industry and related fields. Zoriana Skaletska, the Ukrainian Minister of Healthcare, shared her success story and wished the participants good luck.

Zoriana Skaletska at Stem is Fem

During their visit to Kyiv, the girls visited a pharmaceutical company and attended lectures presented by Olga Maslova, a Ukrainian scientist who works in the biochemistry field. They carried out several practical assignments, including one in which they were able to determine their own blood groups.

Oksana Kuiantseva

Oksana Kuiantseva

PR Manager of Gamingtec

Stem is Fem project was initiated to encourage girls to opt for traditionally men-dominated careers. Despite gender stereotypes, women can be as successful in engineering and business as men. We are looking forward to building a professional community, a supportive environment for girls that broadens their network and makes them feel more confident on the path they have chosen.

Oksana Kuiantseva, PR Manager of Gamingtec

Sapar Karyagdyyev

Sapar Karyagdyyev

CEO of Gamingtec

The idea to start an educational project appeared when we started hiring technical specialists to the Kyiv office. We didn’t receive any applications from women at all. To involve women in the IT industry, we decided to provide a free opportunity for schoolgirls to study technology-related disciplines. In future, these girls can work in high-tech industries and form a new generation of highly professional experts in Ukraine.

The second educational module of Stem is Fem will be dedicated to information technologies. The module starts in November, and we invite all girls interested in IT to challenge themselves and apply for entry to the competition.

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